About Us

Eteacher. pk is an online learning platform designed for live as well as recorded classes and courses.  The teachers and students can join a specially created virtual live classroom fully equipped with a whiteboard, audio, video, chat, and screen sharing tools. 

Learn from anywhere at any time. Learning never stops at eteacher.pk

Our Story

The idea of  E-Teacher was inspired by the drastic revolution that technology is bringing in the education sector around the world. Technology in the education sector is adding convenience, saving costs, increasing efficiency and helping students in making the most productive use of their time. We are proud to have launched it from Pakistan for the students and teachers from around the globe

We believe that learning should not be limited by anything. The greatest challenge in education today is to make a great teacher available to students who want to learn. We make great teachers accessible to students by leveraging technology.

E-Teacher began its journey as an ideal in 2016. Founded by a team of passionate individuals, E-Teacher ambition is to take on the seemingly insurmountable challenge of making great teachers accessible to every eager student who wants to learn.

Our Mission

E-Teacher aims to live upto the high global standards and make quality education accessible and affordable for all at the convenience of their smart devices.

Our Team

The core team of E-Teacher is comprised of young, energetic and passionate Professional Teachers/students from the top universities of Pakistan who are working in partnership, and in mentor-ship of the top most IT and Educational experts of Pakistan serving local and international markets. This is what gives E-Teacher a strong edge with an additional pressure to deliver the best!

Our journey has just begun as we progress towards making quality teaching more accessible, especially to those who are marginalized due to their proximity, economic circumstances, or gender.

We are passionate champions of education. We enjoy sharing the gift of knowledge with brilliant minds who are hungry to learn and shape a better future for themselves, their families, and the world at large.

We are passionate about the success of our students. Each day, we work to make more students learn better, faster and achieve more